[Lazy version of sweet and sour tenderloin _ practice of sugar cool tenderloin]

[Lazy version of sweet and sour tenderloin _ practice of sugar cool tenderloin]

Sweet and sour tenderloin is a very popular line in restaurants, because most people order sweet and sour tenderloin when they eat in restaurants.

The sweet and sour tenderloin is mainly made from pork tenderloin. In fact, you can also make sweet and sour tenderloin at home, which will make people feel more at ease and hygienic.

The general method of making sweet and sour tenderloin is more complicated. Is there a sweet and sour tenderloin suitable for lazy people?

Main ingredients: pork tenderloin, egg seasoning: salt, vinegar, cooking wine, starch, ketchup, sugar, coriander Practice: 1, pork tenderloin cut into thick fingers, add salt, 1 tablespoon cooking wine to taste 2. Put 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 3 sugars in a small bowl.

5 tablespoons, a small amount of salt, starch and water mixed with water-based starch and stir together to form seasoning sauce; 3, add starch and water and add egg white, mix well to a thick paste, marinated pork tenderloin hanging paste for future use; 4, in the potPut a little more oil and burn to 80% oil temperature. Add the sautéed meat strips and fry until the surface becomes white and remove.

Be careful not to add the meat sticks to the oil pan together, otherwise add them one by one, don’t put too much at one time; 5. Fry all the meat sticks and remove the drained oil; 6. Continue to heat the oil in the pot, and the oil temperature will rise again to 90%When it is hot, halve the fried meat just into the pan and fry until it is golden brown, remove it, and then continue to fry the other half into the pan until golden brown; 7, remove all the meat and drain the oil; 8, leave the bottom in the panHeat the oil and stir-fry the ketchup until the red oil comes out; 9, add the seasoned tartar sauce prepared before; 10, when the tartar sauce becomes thick and red, add the fried meat strips, quickly turn it out and it will come out of the pan.

The tenderloin is lean, so it is rich in protein.

Sweet and sour tenderloin is a simple way to process tenderloin, so it retains most of the nutrition of the tenderloin.

According to tests, every 100 grams of tenderloin contains 20 grams of protein and 0 glucose.

7 grams, 5 micrograms of vitamin A, vitamin E0.

59 mcg, 55 g cholesterol, 317 mg potassium, 43 sodium.

2 mg, 6 mg calcium, 28 mg magnesium, and iron 1.

5 mg, manganese 0.

03 mg, zinc 2.

3 mg, copper 0.

16 mg, phosphorus 184 mg, selenium 5.

25 micrograms, folic acid 8.

3 micrograms and other nutrients.

Tenderloin also has the effects of nourishing kidney and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and nourishing dryness, and regular consumption can nourish yin, nourish yin, nourish dryness, nourish liver and yin, moisturize skin, relieve discomfort and relieve thirst.

And sugar acetate is sweet and sweet, it smells very appetizing, so if you are a loss of appetite, fever, pain, thirst, lean kidney, weak kidney, postpartum blood deficiency, dry cough, constipation, try it todayMake a sweet and sour tenderloin.

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