[Efficacy and suitability of longan meat]_Benefits_Set

[Efficacy and suitability of longan meat]_Benefits_Set

Longan is also longan. Longan has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, and it is better to eat during pregnancy and the elderly.

Longan is also called cinnamon. It is a fruit and a traditional Chinese medicine. It is easy to eat.

The nutritional value of longan meat is at least these, and it also helps sleep. For people who often suffer from insomnia, they can eat a few longan at night, which can alleviate the symptoms of insomnia.

The basic efficacy is warm and sweet, beneficial to the heart and spleen, and nourishing qi and blood; it has a good nourishing and nourishing effect. 1. Warm tonic: children often have colds, constitutions are cold, wetting, and poor memory. Drinking longan tea can increase brain power and improve coldsconstitution.

2. Breast augmentation: Traditional Chinese medicine doctors say that women are the mainstay of blood, and women who eat Guiyuan often look rosy and plump, so many tonics for breast augmentation use longan as a match.

3. Sleep: Traditional Chinese medicine says that longan has the effect of calming the mind, nourishing blood and spleen, and is very suitable for long-term insomnia.

4, blood: can improve cardiovascular circulation, stabilize the mental state, relieve stress and tension, longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, protein and a variety of vitamins and trace elements, has a good nourishing effect.

It can be used to treat frail or mental decline after illness, and it is convenient for women to adjust after childbirth.

people suitble.

Office workers: work stress, easy to insomnia or memory loss.

Students: Stay up all night, wear out reading spirit, eat more longan meat can enhance memory and avoid brain decline has a good effect.

People who lose weight: Afraid of losing weight and reducing mistakes (possibly darker and smaller), eat more longan meat during the day to achieve breast enhancement.

People with insomnia: have soothe the blood and enrich the brain.

Women’s menstruation and postpartum: have blood-enriching function.

Mental decline, weakness: soothe the nerves and replenish blood, quickly restore physical strength.

Note: Damp-heat stagnation and phlegm and fire inside should not be taken.

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