[Microwave broccoli]_how to do_how to do

[Microwave broccoli]_how to do_how to do

Broccoli can be said to be a very common vegetable. Broccoli can be cooked with many vegetables.

The broccoli is crispy and sweet.

And eating more broccoli also has a certain function of lowering blood pressure.

In addition to cooking, broccoli also has many other practices.

For example, using a microwave oven to make broccoli is also a very good choice. Next, I will teach you how to cook broccoli in a microwave oven.

Ingredients: broccoli 400 g garlic 4-5 cloves edible oil 1 shallow spoon salt 1/4 shallow spoon carrot 200 g edible water 1 tablespoon measures Step 1 Cut the broccoli into small flowers, soak and wash in brine; wash the carrotsNet slice step 2 Cut the garlic into minced garlic, put it in a microwave container and mix with oil and salt, add an appropriate amount of water. Step 3 Put the broccoli flower and carrot slices into the microwave container. Cover the container mouth with heat-resistant plastic wrap and poke holesOr cover it directly with the microblog furnace container with vents. Step 4: Heat at high temperature for seven minutes. Adjust the duration according to the amount of ingredients. Tips: 1) Microwave container, 2) Plastic wrap or broccoli with vents.Is the most common microwave food.

Studies have found that cooking broccoli in the microwave can reduce its antioxidant content by 97%.

Cooking broccoli with a gas stove will only reduce its antioxidants by 11%.

Microwave heating for 1 minute will destroy the active thioallyl compounds in garlic and cause it to lose its anti-cancer effect.

Nutritionists remind that if most vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, are heated in a microwave oven, there may be excessive nutrient loss, because vitamin C and other nutrients in vegetables are sensitive to light and heat.

The meat, eggs, and staple foods are heated with microwaves to reduce nutritional losses.

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